15 August 2012

The Lame Duck Quackery Award

The Lame Duck Quackery Award

The Voice of Good Science (VoGS) is initiating this year an annual 'The Lame Duck Award' to a quack who promote pseudo-science.

A quack or a pseudo-scientist is a person or organisation that has an (anti-science) agenda of opposing good science or good medicine in potentially dangerous, most irresponsible and irrational behaviour. They try to influence the outcome of the research studies by withholding negative data to sell more drugs and hormones, involved in paid news and ghostwriting. They are active promoters of 'synthetic chemical drug' (quackery) and have vested interest in keeping people in dark by misinforming them that legitimate natural medicine such as herbal and homeopathic medicine is not good for anyone (but do not drink vaccine).

The nominations can be made every year in the month of October. The names of the shortlisted candidates will be made public on 1st November every year.The public will finally vote to choose the winner. The Voting lines will be opened in the month of November. The annual award will be presented every year in an online ceremony on 1st December at 10.23 a.m. The winner will be awarded with a picture of Lame Duck as shown above.

Nominations can be made by directly through comments below or through 'Contact Us' form on right hand sidebar if you don't want to disclose your name publicly.  In the message box, write whom you would you like to nominate and why?

In the meantime, you can practice for 'The Lame Duck Quackery Award' ceremony at http://www.girlsgogames.com/game/hook-a-duck?
Warning: All ducks may look like clones of conmed drug peddlers

"The Lame Duck Quackery Award 2012"

This year we are starting with UK. Nominations are invited from the public (UK and elsewhere) for the "The Lame Duck Quackery Award 2012" to nominate their favourite anti-science peddler from UK whom they think is a deserving candidate.  

The Nominations are closed.
We received 9 nominations for inaugural "Lame Duck Quackery Award".
The names of the three shortlisted candidates, in no particular order are

You can vote for your favourite quack in a poll below. 
The Voting lines will be opened till 30 November 2012.
The winner will be declared on 1st December 2012 at 10:23 a.m. UK Time.

Poll: Pick your favourite quack for a "Lame Duck Quackery Award"

More polls on homeopathy are available here You can vote.

1 Dec. 2012 10.23 a.m. UK Time

"Dr" Santa Singh, quack of the year 2012

'The Voice of Good Science' officially recognises Santa Singh as the recipient of a prestigious "Lame duck Quackery Award" for his untiring efforts to introduce quackery into science. He has given a bad name to good science, without the qualifications to make the good judgement.

He does have a degree in mathematics but claims his expertise in advance studies like homeopathy in which he has no knowledge. His book "trick and tick" was full of lies which were exposed by Wills. He threatens anyone who publishes a magazine on complementary medicine. His double standards were exposed by JamPole who tears into his hypocrisy.

Of late, he has been trying to be in limelight and news by resorting to unfair, underhand tactic to discredit natural medicine modalities like herbal and other science-based medicine on his website. Singh continues to promote and show more respect to 'synthetic chemical drugs' aka conmed (read quackery) whose adverse effects far exceeds the good effects; but he never criticizes weakness of the drug market.

His views on global warming and climate change are bizarre to say the least.

He was involved in a lawsuit with BritChiro Assoc. He not only lost money but also faced wrath from the scientific community.

He is a true quack.

His original name is Santa Singh. Lately he has changed his hair style and first name to look more like an Englishman. His first name is popular in many countries as a legendary Christmas folk hero for children who brings Christmas gifts/presents. In India the name evokes humourous cartoon stereotypes.

He is far ahead of other UK Septics like Edward Earnest and Denial Colhoun in popular votes to win the race for the biggest quack.

Congratulations! Mr. Singh. Christmas has come early for him this year. His prize was delivered.

At the same time we also pray to God to give him wisdom to distinguish science from pseudo-science and medicine from pseudo-medicine.

'The Voice of Good Medicine' takes this opportunity to congratulate the public especially those people from the United Kingdom who voted for the most deserving quack for the inaugural 'The lame Duck Quackery Award' 2012.


Dana Ullman, MPH, CCH said...

I nominate Edsvard Ernst (aka Darth Ernst)

Anonymous said...

Ben Goldacre, Simon Singh, Colquhoun.

Anonymous said...

I nominate the Roman catholic Church.

Unknown said...

I nominate Simon Singh for his immune supressed coverage of conventional medicine failures and his famous and repetitive winning "Can someone do something about this...?" inflicted upon anything healthy, natural, organic, healing or homeopathic. I think in his case the "duck" is not only lame is also "double blind" but there's always next year's awards and I'm sure Mr. Singh will continue to grace the British press with his own double standards/double blind brand of "freedom of speech" where one man's opinion about complementary medicine must count more than then that of millions of satisfied UK patients!

lern2spel said...

Don't you think you could at least spell his name correctly?

Unknown said...

I'd like to nominate The Nightingale Collaboration

Unknown said...

Edzard Ernst

Homeopathy-Help.NET said...

'Darth Ernst" LOL!

they're all equally as bad as each other IMO

Dr Muhammed Rafeeque said...

Santa Singh ki jai :)

Dr Muhammed Rafeeque said...

Here are some suitable rubrics for the skeptics who are blindly against Homeopathy:

synthesis- mind- Doubtful
Synthesis- mind- Suspicious
Synthesis- mind- Antisocial
Synthesis- mind- Thoughts- persistent.
Synthesis- mind- Foolish behavior
Synthesis- mind- Brooding
Synthesis- mind- Pessimist
Synthesis- mind- Censorious
Synthesis- mind- Prejudiced
Synthesis- mind- Haughty
Synthesis- mind- Quarrelsome
Synthesis- mind- Reproaches others
Synthesis- mind- Obstinate
Synthesis- mind- Liar
Synthesis- mind- Untruthful
Synthesis- mind- Shameless
Synthesis- mind- Manipulative
Synthesis- mind- Jealousy
Synthesis- mind- Business- averse to.
Synthesis- mind- Moral feeling; want of.
Synthesis- mind- Pertinacity
Synthesis- mind- Spying, everything
Synthesis- mind- Checking- twice or more; must check.
You can add more rubrics…
High-grade remedies: Lach, nux v, verat, hyos, merc, staph, lyc, op, sulph, anac, bar.c, stram, bell, morph.
Dr Muhammed Rafeeque

Dr Nancy Malik said...

@Dr. Rafeeque

I think it would be more appropriate if we read 'Santa' as we do in hindi

The rubrics you have chosen are most appropriate. Thank You.


Magufo said...

Im a nominate a James Randi

SongDuck said...

Singh gets my vote. His negative comments about those who write articles he disagrees with combined with his non-scientific theory of Global Warming is enough.

Being a Duck myself, helps me to read their minds to easily determine which of the three is the Lamest (a proven scientific principle).

Dr Nancy Malik said...

comments on twitter

@urban_healing: They've worked so hard! Best wishes to all: Lame Duck Award 2012! in-race: Earnest, Singh, Colhoun

@22venkateshN: If horses go lame, ledum pal cures.I wonder whether it would suit lameducks too!

@urban_healing: I don't suppose saying "ready, steady, go!" would be appropriate in this case, would it? #lameduckaward

Anonymous said...

My favorite Santa moment this year was when he offered vaccine advice to the UK starlet ms Melanie Sykes whose son became more autistic after MMR. Him and his skeptics got an few choice swear words. And a hail of abuse from her twiiter followers

stephen p jones said...

Found my way here after reading about this page on Twitter. What a poor attempt at humour. Chance of this post making it past the blog author - smaller than the amount of active ingredients in a homeopathic pill.


Stephen P Jones

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