21 November 2011

Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier on homeopathy

Dr. Luc Montagnier, the French virologist, won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2008 for co-discovering the AIDS virus.

Interdisciplinary Sciences: Life Sciences (SpringerL­ink)
Electromag­netic signals are produced by aqueous nanostruct­ures derived from bacterial DNA Sequences (2009) FULL TEXT
Potentised bacteria and virus DNA  emits electromagnetic signals (low frequency radio waves) at 5C and 6C potencies and forms nano-structures which lasts 48 hours
Discussion on Luc Montagnier paper by Dr. Rachel Roberts and by Institute of Science in Society
Dr. Luc Montagnier, the French virologist said about homeopathy, “High Dilutions of something are not nothing…”
Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier escapes intellectu­al terrorism and he currently works as a full-time professor at Shanghai Jiaotong University in China. He said, “they [Europe] are afraid to publish it [homeopathy] because of the intellectu­­al terror from people who don’t understand it.”
It shows intellectu­al terror the so-called science puts up on homeopathy and homeopaths
Nobel Prize Winner does homeopathic study; with supportive findings.

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